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28 barista magazine We end up at a big glass door labeled "Laboratory" where all the scientifi c and technical magic happens. Damian's especially interested to tell me about the big machine on the table in front of us. The Master- sizer 3000 is a very important—and very expensive—tool for measuring the particle distribution created by the burrs that will be going into the new line of grinders. Damian asks the operator behind the screen to pull up a few visualizations and comparisons with some of Compak's competitors, and we look at a graph modeling the Compak PK Series' particle distribution against that of a few other coffee grinder manufacturers. "What were at one time simple, utili- tarian machines that were the sidekick to the espresso machine, the coffee grinder has emerged as arguably the most impact- ful piece of equipment on any coffee bar," Damian says proudly. "There is no greater opportunity to raise your coffee game than to invest in a top-of-the-line grinder." Later, we drive back into town. Though it's later and locals are getting off work, the café is as bustling as when we left it, and the golden Barcelona sun is giving its dos besos (two kisses) to the ancient barrio. The night is young, and the city is alive. Time for another small cup of Black Remedy. —Brodie Vissers A CLOSER LOOK AT THE PK SERIES The new Compak PK Series was designed to incorporate the most advanced grinder features and technologies required by today's coffee professionals. Here are some highlights of what's to come from the line: • Uni-grinder and high-yield extraction burrs at either 83 or 98 millimeters, which ensure that a richer, sweeter, and more complex espresso will emerge in the cup. In addition, and most importantly, the PK burrs are capable of delivering a higher-yield extraction at both coarse and fine (filter and espresso) grind points. In other words, Compak purports that the PK offers the first and only uni-grinder feature that doesn't require burr set changes. • Slow cold grinding is Compak's method for maintaining temperature stability while delivering top production and performance. Turning at an industry-low 350 revolutions per minute, while still delivering 21 grams of ground coffee in about 6.5 seconds is a testament to arriving at the optimal equilibrium of output and grind quality. • Grind-by-weight technology was developed in direct response to barista de- mand, and Compak thinks its new scale system—mounted with a high-pre- cision "extensiometric gauge" designed to improve consistency, and shot accuracy and to streamline barista work flow—is a game changer. • Clump-crusher tech screen and ground-distribution needle are product im- provements found in the PK line. While the PKE and PKF incorporate the clump-crusher screen, which controls static and reduces clumping, the PKR has a new and improved exit distribution needle system to ensure optimal coffee distribution in the portafilter basket. • An LCD screen illustrates grind-point positioning, and makes monitoring grind-point changes easier than ever. A barista simply has to dial in their different brew methods and record the grind-point reference number for easy repeatability and consistency for all brewing options. • High-precision grind adjustment control brings dialing in the grind point to the next level. Compak's exclusive new design is reportedly six times more precise than its competition, and particle-size control is attainable at an accuracy never reached before. This enables customers to experience new layers of flavor and complexity. – Brodie Vissers F O A M : N E W S + T R E N D S 425.295.3300 R 03/01/18 YOU CAN'T WIN UNLESS YOU'RE IN— APPLY TODAY ! First Place $2,500 Second Place $1,500 Third Place $1,000 COFFEE & TEA TRADE SHOWS Welcoming back former Lae Art Champion & Judge Chris Deferio Lae Art Head Judge Increased Prize Money New Rules & Seeding NEW IN 2018 ! CALLING ALL LATTE ARTISTS! Championship LATTE ART WORLD DENVER June 8-10, 2018 Colorado Convention Center Applications for Denver competitions closes April 15.

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