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S T U F F : P R O D U C T S THERMOPRO FOR THE GOLD The Curtis G4 ThermoPro makes Golden Cup–quality batch brewing instantly easy. ThermoPro provides precise control over all critical brewing functions, and keeps coffee quality and flavor consistently delicious. Quickly brew coffee into 1.5-gallon high-tech vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel ser vers that offer unsurpassed heat retention and keep coffee fresh, and at the per fect ser ving temperature with no need for additional heat. Available in single and twin models, the system delivers user-friendly operation and flexibility. TAKE YOUR ART TO GO Temple Coffee Roasters has partnered with Hydro Flask to bring you a beautifully designed, durable, reusable travel vessel. This 16-ounce, hot-and-cold mug is part of Temple's quarterly Artist Series. The screen-printed illustration is an original piece by Temple's creative director, Tar yn Kraus, depicting the life cycle of the coffee plant. "There is so much beauty in the growth of the coffee plant," says Tar yn. "The first stage is producing stunning, sweet-smelling flowers. Over time, with pollination, the cherries ripen and produce the seeds we know and love as coffee beans." CLEVER LEVER La Marzocco's Leva is dedicated to the artisans, the pioneers, and all those with an eye to the past and a vision for the future. Featuring eye-catching design and a lower profile intended to invite customer involvement, Leva reinvents the iconic lever machine design both mechanically and functionally. The Leva greatly improves temperature stability of the traditional lever machine thanks to a next-generation temperature-control system. The user can control the pre-infusion pressure, shot volume, extraction pressure, and brewing temperature independently on each group. A VISION OF EXCELLENCE Iberital, a Barcelona-based espresso-machine manufacturer, launches VISION, an ambitious product of the company's pursuit to define the next generation of coffee machines. Behind its state-of-the-art, synthetic, Brutalist-influenced design, VISION hides outstanding technical features that, by optimizing the coffee-brewing process to the limit, will minimize its carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent. 60 barista magazine

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