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S T U F F : P R O D U C T S COLD 'N CLEAN Cold Brew Avenue's Cold Brew Cleaning and Sanitizing 2-Step Kit is specifically designed to address the unique safety and hygiene requirements of cold-brew equipment. Regular cleaning with Clearly Cold followed by a separate sanitization step with Complete Café ensures ever y batch of cold-brewed coffee is delicious and safe. If your shop makes and/or ser ves cold brew on draft, these products will be game changers. TANGLED UP IN BLUE For its 25th anniversar y, PT's Coffee Roasting Co. is excited to announce the launch of PT's Blue Label: rare and distinct coffee offerings, roasted with care and beautifully encased in giftable tube packaging. Tr y the latest addition to the lineup, La Palma y El Tucán Microlot #297 Lactic Honey Process, while it lasts! READY, SET, BREW The innovative design of the Brew Bomb X45 Cold Brew System provides complete control over all variables, delivering the ability to craft unique coffees as well as control batch consistency. With an extremely versatile batch capacity—2.5 to 60 gallons—and brew cycles as short as an hour, this multipurpose brewer can be delicate with small-batch Geshas and still handle commercial-batch concentrates like a champ. The brewer's simple design is self-filtering, and the extraction process— coffee in and spent grinds out—is simplified, requiring just a 15-minute cleanup. ALL IN THE BAG The SuperGrainbag Premium is an innovative approach to storage that changed the standards for handling coffee globally. Common to all as the GrainPro Bag, it uses the principle of Ultra-Hermetic Technology (simply keeping it air-tight) to retain the freshness, aroma, and quality of specialty-coffee beans from farms to specialty-coffee shops worldwide. The bag is guaranteed to preser ve the quality and to per fectly store coffee beans for ever yone to enjoy. 64 barista magazine

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