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69 Stuff Sarah Loves Pallo's GrindMinder 2.0 Brush I love stuff Sarah Posma Owner + Barista, Little Owl Café Fairbanks, Alaska Why do you love it? I am a clean freak. I literally have nightmares about coffee grinds being left on the counter, getting on the steam wand towel, etc. It might be a little crazy, but at least you know my café is pristine! I love that the GrindMinder brush easily sweeps away grinds in one pass. I'm a big fan of the dual ends—one for the counter, one for the grinder. I also appreciate that you can replace the round-brush end without replacing the whole brush. The 2.0 is larger than the original, so you can cover more counter at a time, making cleanup even faster. What do you use it for at Little Owl Café? We keep one on top of the Mythos and one by the EK43, easily within reach so grinds can be cleaned up ASAP. It is particularly handy for the EK— there's always a lot of static cling, and the round end of the GrindMinder is really well suited for brushing off all of the chaff that invariably sticks to the grinder chute. How does it help with bar flow? Because the GrindMinder is such an efficient cleaning brush, it only takes a second to clean up. It really helps keep service flowing because we don't have to worry about contamination from messes on the counter. We use the EK to grind our decaf espresso, so it's nice to be able to do a quick brush- out of the chute and be sure that there's not caffeinated coffee getting mixed with the decaf. What do your baristas think of it? I think they appreciate it almost as much as I do. The previous counter- brush was big and bulky, basically a dust broom. It was too ugly to be kept on the counter, so much less convenient to use because it was never within easy reach. We also had a separate tiny grinder brush that was always getting lost. Anything else to add? I like that it never looks dirty. Some other brushes just look like old paint brushes and they show all of the coffee that sticks to them. I don't ever feel embarrassed about the GrindMinder sitting on the counter where customers can see it. Coffee doesn't seem to stick to the bristles either, so it looks clean, and it is clean. RIDE THE WAVE The Aurelia Wave not only represents its own unique looks but the impressive Nuova Simonelli technology inside. To begin with, the Aurelia Wave Smart Water Technology can detect basic water parameters and warn the operator when the quality changes, acting as a safeguard to reduce long-term costs. This machine also boasts new Pulse Jet Technology and Remote Control Inter face that can control extraction, preparation, dispensing, and cleaning. All of this and more, in combination with the Wave's focus on detail, energy consumption, and ergonomics, raises the bar of what an espresso machine can do. THE GOLDEN RATIO Brewista's innovative Ratio Scale automatically calculates the water needed based on the coffee-to-water ratio chosen by the user and the amount of coffee added. Dual timing bars display the actual and desired pour rates. Matching the timing bars achieves the recommended 2.5-minute pour time. Last but not least, the Ratio Scale features automatic and fully manual modes, and the water-to- grounds ratios are adjustable. PHOTOS BY STEPHANIE BARNEY

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