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C O N T R I B U T O R S 1 Sonia Cao is a social media planner and director, and a freelance photographer living in Tokyo. Sonia enjoys taking photos of coffee, cafés, and baristas, as well as competitions. She feels coffee truly brings people together, and she loves taking photos to reflect that. See more of Sonia's photos on Instagram @sscmot. (Cover photo and photography for Miki Suzuki, p. 58) 2 Ashley (Ash) Day works as the communications director for The Barista League and also as deputy manager of The Coffee Collective Bernikow in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has her degree in media communications from Florida State University, and has been a contributing editor to The Coffee Collective's KAFFE magazine, a content provider for European Coffee Trip, a mentor at Re:co Symposium Seattle 2017, and will always be a part-time punk, full-time ice cream eater, wannabe basketball star, and self-proclaimed beer Q-grader. (Pull, p. 30) 3 Jess Dunkin is a writer and historian living in Chief Drygeese Territory (Treaty 8), home of the Wıìlıìdeh Yellowknives Dene in Canada. In her free time, Jess loves to paddle, cross-country ski, and tweet about life in the #SpectacularNWT from @dunkin_jess. (Field Report: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, p. 40) 4 Ashley Elander is an illustrator and screen printer in Chicago. After working in coffee for eight years, she's now a retired barista who exercises her skills by showing her studiomates how to make better coffee. Check out more of Ashley's work at (Illustrations for Instant Development, p. 64) 5 Stephanie Frommlet is a chalkboard artist and freelancer living in Portland, Ore. She's studied classical animation and loves to stare at fonts. She once worked as a mall Easter Bunny. Her work can be viewed at www.stephaniefrommlet. com. (Illustration for Human Resources, p. 88) 6 RJ Joseph roasts coffee and writes a blog called Queer Cup ( in addition to her other adventures in coffee journalism. Her writing focuses primarily on equity, workers' rights, and alternatives to the status quo. In her free time she loves cooking, reading, and being in Oakland, Calif. You can follow her on Instagram (@rj_sproseph) and Twitter (@rj_sproseph). (Human Resources, p. 88) 8 Erica Lewis Kennedy owns Colorado-based ELK Media LLC. Originally from Northern California, she focuses on science writing with an emphasis on water. Married to a Boston- native craft-beer brewer, and mother to a middle-school cof- fee roaster, Erica enjoys traveling the world with her family to drink great coffee, read books, and take photos. Trained as a barista, she sticks to her strength of kitchen-counter pourovers. You can find her on Instagram at @ericalewisken- nedy. (Field Report: Denver, p. 32) 10 Erin Meister (you can call her just "Meister") has always led a kind of weird, caffeinated double life. As a coffee professional, she's been a barista, retail manager, whole- sale-support representative, and educator; as a journalist she's written and/or edited work for The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Serious Eats,, and Rachael Ray Every Day magazine—as well as the gem you're holding in your hot little hands. These days she can be found writing content for Cafe Imports, riding her bike around the beautiful Twin Cities, and celebrating the recent release of her book about the history of coffee in New York City. You can email her at (The Learning Annex: Turning the Tables, p. 76) 11 Rachel Northrop writes about the nuances of coffee's global supply chain and works as a green-coffee sales rep for Ally Coffee's specialty division, where she connects roasters with meaningful information about agriculture and community at coffee origins. (The Learning Annex: Training as Mentorship, p. 70) 12 Ashley Rodriguez thought that she'd take a break from teaching middle-school science and putz around in a coffee shop for a few months. She ended up digging it way more than teaching (and was vaguely better at it). After spending five years making coffee in New York, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she worked for Sightglass Coffee for three years. Ashley is Barista Magazine Online's editor. Follow her on Twitter at @ashisacommonname. (New Adventures in Cold Brew, p. 82) 13 Chris Ryan is Barista Magazine Online's copy editor and a freelance writer and editor with a background in the specialty-coffee industry. He has worked as content director at Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers and editor-in-chief of Fresh Cup Magazine. Outside of coffee, he enjoys baseball, running, and crossword puzzles. (Instant Development, p. 64; Foam, p. 22 + p. 23) 14 Joshua Vasko is a commercial and lifestyle photographer out of Charlotte, N.C. Passionate about all things photography and all things coffee, he is also a former professional barista and current home barista. (Photography for New Adventures in Cold Brew, p. 82) 15 François Vigneault is an American illustrator, designer, and comic-book artist (not necessarily in that order) living in Montréal. He is the creator of the sci-fi graphic novel Titan, published in 2017 by Éditions Pow Pow; and he is currently drawing the 13e Avenue, a young-adult series from La Pastèque. Some of his clients have included The Portland Mercury, The California Sunday, Kayak, THIS, Area 1 Security, Scout Books, CRAFT, Chronicle Books, and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. (Illustrations for The Learning Annex, p. 70 + p. 76) 2 4 8 10 3 4 9 11 12 14 15 7 6 5 1 13 12 barista magazine

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