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S T U F F : P R O D U C T S THE TASTE OF THE TROPICS Give customers a whole new way to enjoy caffeinated beverages with the Tropics Refreshers line from Dr. Smoothie. Unlike coffee drinks, these beverages are handcrafted from fruit juice and pure cane sugar, plus lightly caffeinated with green-coffee-bean extract. The Tropics Refreshers clean label products are made with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and no preser vatives. Tr y Tropics Refreshers on-trend flavors like Strawberr y Acai and Citrus Mint, both available from Barista Pro Shop. SUMMER SIGNATURES You'll be inspired to create or expand on your summer signature drinks menu when you check out 1883's floral syrup family— just consider the possibilities that these flavors, which include lavender, rose, violet, elder flower, orchid, and saffron, offer as drink ingredients. There was a time when floral flavors were a fascination only for the adventurous, but the trend has grown into a seasonal staple. Maybe now is the per fect time to add a lavender mocha, an agua fresca, or any number of delicious and intriguing floral flavors to your café's menu. YOUR GUIDE TO COLD BREW DRAFT If you're looking for a fresh-brewed free resource to help you start making, ser ving, and selling cold brew on draft, Keg Outlet's brand-new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee and Ser ving Coffee on Draft is just what you need. The easy-reading 62-page book gives an over view of how draft systems work, as well as in-depth definitions of what cold brew is, how to make it, and even how to bring your brew to the next level with nitrogen. Don't delay, download this thing! NITRO NOW—LIKE, RIGHT NOW NitroNow kegerators and nitrogen infusers from Keg Outlet allow you to create nitro coffee on demand from kegs of still cold brew. If you think the per fect nitro-coffee pour is as elusive and as hard to find as a unicorn, look no further. With NitroNow, you can put your cold brew directly into a keg and ser ve it nitro style—no need to pre-infuse with nitrogen. The nitrogen infuser can be installed into your existing kegerator with minimal modifications. 56 barista magazine

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