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C a n C r y s t a l l i n e C o f f e e B e G r e a t ? A r t i c l e b y C h r i s R y a n BEFORE STARTING HIS OWN BUSINESS, Nate Kaiser spent much of his professional life training baristas and coffee professionals how to brew cof- fee. While he enjoyed working with others on the technicalities of the craft, he quickly saw that most people enjoyed the result more than the journey. "Unless you fall into the slightly obsessed category like myself, it doesn't take long to realize that most people aren't terribly concerned with tinkering and would much rather just enjoy a delicious coffee," Nate says. With this philosophy in mind, Nate turned his attention to a new question: How can we deliver great-tasting coffee in a more accessible manner? He began trying out different formats, including ready-to-drink variations and pre-ground pouches, before deciding to pursue instant-coffee—which at the time was a foreign concept in the specialty world. Nate met with chemists, navigated Internet wormholes and the patent process, and eventually learned enough to launch his instant-coffee company, Swift Cup Coffee. As it turns out, Nate wasn't the only one picking up on the demand for fast-and-easy specialty coffee in recent years: A handful of companies have launched high-quality instant-coffee to which the user need only add water to have a consumable beverage. Well-known roasters have jumped into the market, as well—some partnering with the new companies, others briefi ng themselves on the technology and launching their own versions. It's a rather stunning development for an industry traditionally devoted to both the craft, and the resulting beverage, to essentially remove the craft. But in a world in which specialty coffee is increasingly in demand, it only makes sense that enterprising companies would fi nd ways to make it available in consumer-friendly ways. So how exactly are specialty-coffee companies mak- ing better-quality instant? We'll have the answers in two shakes. 65

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