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Outsourcing One of the best options out there for small businesses is working with third-party HR companies. Oftentimes companies that you enlist to help with payroll or benefi ts will also offer a slew of other services, which can be purchased in tiered packages. Usually the companies offering these services can come in and do a thorough survey of your business in order to make recommendations of which services they think will be the most helpful to your business in particular. Liz of The Wing, who has extensive experience working with third-party HR through a previous coffee-company employ- er, recommends it as an excellent option for small businesses. "The group I worked with, Atlantic Human Resources Advisors, basically allows you to have an HR person or team without necessarily adding a full-time employee onto your payroll, and there are a number of different tiers of service you can pay for depending on the needs of your business and its size," Liz says. "They start by conducting an audit of your business to look for areas of need for their services, and then can advise on what level of services they think you actually need. It's entirely ad- visory, so while they can make suggestions, ultimately you are the one who actually has to implement any policy changes and make sure you're abiding by labor laws and such." The company Liz worked with had a fairly in-depth engagement of the resources offered compared to many other business- es that utilize third-party services. "The arrangement that my previous employer had was to have an HR person hold 'offi ce hours' one day a week for a few hours, and that person was also available via phone or email to answer any questions. They also handled a lot of personnel issues, including things like terminations, mediation, and exit interviews," Liz says. Overall, Liz feels that these types of ser- vices are great options for small businesses, and emphasizes that companies should not wait until they're already dealing with issues to set up human-resource systems. "It can be a great cost-effective option for businesses who cannot afford to hire an HR person to ensure that they are in compliance with labor laws," Liz says. "But I think this really only works for a smaller business that is already doing a great job or who is only just beginning to scale their business. A lot of businesses wait too long to bring on HR, to the point where they have tons of issues, and by that time it's almost too late to simply have an advisory, outsourced, part- • Recruitment and interviewing • Onboarding and training • Payroll, compensation, and raises • Benefi ts • Employee assessments and promotions • Employee engagement and productivity • Team building • Legal compliance (addressing ha- rassment and safety issues) • Confl ict resolution • Discipline and termination The Many, Many Things That HR Does: 91

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