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92 barista magazine time HR person because of the incredible amount of work that they have to do. People think that bringing HR on will solve their problems, but truly, HR is also something that needs to be set up to help prevent problems from arising in the fi rst place." Mark Hundley, general manager for Bolt Coffee in Providence, R.I., currently works with third-party human-resource group ADP. His company, though still very small, has had to keep up with rapid growth. Bolt Coffee started as a coffee cart run by two friends, then gained a brick-and-mortar location in 2014. Mark joined the team as it was opening a second location in 2016. "Our staff grew from three to 10 employees when this location opened," Mark says. "We currently have 13 employees, operate as a multiroaster business, and are now expanding into roasting, as well. We grew very quickly, so within the fi rst year that we expanded, we recognized a need for a proper HR service. We were unaware of a lot of the local laws, which seemed to be constantly changing. We wanted to make sure we were handling all of the intricacies of the business properly while being thoughtful of our staff 's wellbeing." When the Bolt Coffee team started working with ADP for payroll, ADP told them about the variety of service packages available. Cur- rently, Bolt has chosen to work with an online resource system. "It provides every single document needed for new hires, role changes, job postings, hiring tool kits, termination protocols and documenta- tions, record-keeping guides, job-performance documents, back- ground checks, and access to a HR specialist for any other questions that we might have," says Mark. Bolt also worked with ADP to get an employee handbook in place for their company. "The costs initially were high to set up the actual handbook. There is a lot that goes into getting it formulated, and we spent a considerable amount of time with our specialist going through every law and policy and tailoring them to what we wanted to see happen within our business," says Mark. "Now that we have our handbook, we have changed plans to a lower weekly charge that provides access to all the documents and law changes that we need." Mark strongly recommends these services to other small-busi- ness owners and managers. "I think if you are a business owner or manager that is focused on your staff and wanting to ensure that you are creating a positive and fair environment, it is completely worth the investment," he says. "Their resources and documents are super helpful and can be a great starting point for someone in a position of management who may not know how to handle different situations." Pros of Outsourcing: • Cost-effective for small companies • You can pick and choose what services you need • Helpful for staying in compliance with labor laws • Perfect for a smaller business that wants to be able to scale • People doing confl ict resolution are impartial, which can be helpful Cons of Outsourcing: • No personal investment in your company's success • They juggle many different clients, so less personalized attention • Potential wait to getting issues handled • They can't ever have as deep of an understanding of your compa- ny culture and goals as an internal manager

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